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I am offering 13 short courses specially designed for official public translators (in Brazilian Portuguese), but which may also be of interest to other professionals. They are:

  • Digital Certification for Official Public Translations

  • Digital Certification for Official Public Translations (with support)

  • Book of Sworn Translations

  • Apostille

  • Brazilian Portuguese for Translators

  • Introduction to Trados Studio 2021 for Official Public Translators

  • How to advertise your work as an official public translator (Marketing)

  • How to prepare price estimates for official public translations

  • Consultancy for Translators

These courses are broadcasted through EAD. The participant can watch them during a 30-day period. The slides presented in the courses are sent to the participants, together with a certificate.

ENROLL HERE (only in Brazilian Portuguese)




Here are some simple tips, from an official translator's point of view, on what to do and what not to do with your documents:

  • Do not fold your documents. With the passing of time, documents end up tearing apart exactly along these folds.

  • If your document is already torn, do not use adhesive tape on it. As time passes, the tape loosens and the document becomes irreversibly stained.

  • Do not secure your documents with paper clips. They become rusty and the documents can become stained.

  • Keep your documents in a folder with individual sheet protectors. In case you need to transport them, take only the documents you need and put them in a plastic folder. After you return, put them back in the folder with individual sheet protectors.

  • Never laminate your documents. Lamination prevents the placing of stamps and apostilles; thus, it will be necessary to make a second copy. If you are abroad, this will cause many problems. Instead, protect them in a folder with individual sheet protectors. There are specific plastic bags for ID cards, driver's licenses and passports.


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