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Any and all Sworn Public Translator and Interpreters are obligated by law to follow the Fee Table dictated by the Registry of Commerce of their respective states; in other words, (1) prices do not vary from one sworn translator to another, (2) it is not possible to give a discount, and (3) the amounts owed must be charged.


Entrust your translation to the sworn translator who lives closest to your home or work, according to your convenience.

With the original document in hand, the sworn translator will provide an estimate of the final cost of the translation into or out of Portuguese, but the exact price will only be known at the end of the work, as it is very difficult to determine the exact total number of characters that a text will have after it has been translated. It is customary to charge 50% as down payment, and to settle payment for the rest when the translation is delivered.

Please click here to open the Translation Fee Table (in Brazilian Portuguese) in effect in the state of Minas Gerais.

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